Is Bob Kraft the Most Likeable Scumbag of All Time?

About three years ago Robert “Bob” Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, lost his beloved wife Myra Kraft. Married for 48 years until her death, Kraft had a family with her including four sons. The team honored Myra the season after her death while battling breast cancer by wearing a patch reading “MHK”. Last weekend, we got to witness maybe the biggest party in sports celebration history when the Patriots received their fourth Super Bowl ring at Krafts own house.

Kraft, being the man he is, you’d think would be loyal and loving to his late wife and could never love another woman after his lifetime of a marriage. But, he was pictured at his ring ceremony with a beautiful 20 something year old slutting it up like the old pimp he is. How can you not be like “my goodness this man is a stud?” or even say “how the hell can he do something like that?” It brings me to wonder about my beloved Patriots owner is he truly a scumbag?

I love him for what he has done to my favorite sports franchise, and I cannot help but respect the game he’s pulling at his age. But c’mon Mr. Kraft. You really think she’s into you or is it that mansion displayed in the best vine videos of all time?

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