About Us

Well, after hours upon hours of working to get this website or blog or whatever you wanna call it running, East Coast Egos is finally LIVE. Yeah that’s right you heard me boys and girls; WE. ARE. LIVE. Now before I say anything else, let me explain to you why you should even bother even reading this blog. Our contributors are college students from all over the country, however all of us have one thing in common: we all grew up somewhere on the East coast (hence the name if you haven’t been following along). Being college twenty somethings and avid sports fans, the majority of our time is spent watching sports and arguing to no end about the hot topic of the day. We all have been apart of one of those arguments before. Would you rather have LeBron or MJ? Is Odell Beckham Jr. already the best WR in the NFL? Should Pete Rose be allowed in the MLB Hall of Fame? You get the idea. With all of us growing up all over the East coast, we all bring our own unique voice to ECE. This gives us the ability to look at different stories from many different perspectives thus diversifying our content. Not all of our content is region specific however, as we give ourselves the freedom to tackle whatever topic we please.  If I want to debate hockey one day, I’m not confined to just talking about the NHL and can write about whatever I please the next day.  Our goal is to give our readers the diverse content that they desire.  We’ll argue to no end for our opinions and if you don’t like what we have to say then the door is down the hall to the left. And that’s what were all about here at East Coast Egos: we do the arguing so you don’t have to.


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