New York Ex-Knicks

Most fans of the NBA consider the 2014-2015 season to be a bust for the New York Knicks. Right? WRONG. The Knicks were the most active out of any team in the playoff this year. 16 teams entered the postseason and 12 of them carried at least one former Knick on their active roster. 20 players that once suited up for the Knickerbockers participated in their quest for a ring. While most players have been sitting on the end of the bench or even on the towels under the basket, they still made it deeper than the $21 Million Carmelo Anthony.

The Brooklyn Nets had key contributions from former Knick great Jerome Jordan who held a one year stint with the Knicks playing in 21 games and averaging a whole 2 points. He doubled his production in Brooklyn playing in over 42 games and threw in one more point.
Just down the bench sat Earl Clark. Clark improved his performance by appearing in one more game for the Nets than he did for the Knicks, finishing with a whopping 10 games played.

Washington has gotten a great deal of production out of their big Brazilian Nene. Although never touching the floor for the Knicks, the number seven overall pick was swapped for Antonio McDyess, the number 25 pick in the 2002 draft and a second round pick in the following draft. Its all good though, the Knicks got Frank Williams who averaged 3.2 Points per game while on the team.

We all know Toronto picked up Landry Fields when he peaked. He had a great two years. Sorry Melo didn’t like you Landry.

Somehow Nazr Mohammed is still walking and he is participating in warm-ups for the Chicago Bulls

Of course not a player, but Jason Kidd (former Knicks team grandpa) did coach his Bucks into the postseason.

One mans trash is another mans…trash. Cleveland has the amazing privilege to hold the 3 contracts of Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, and Timofey Mozgov. I am not denying Mozgov’s value to the undermanned Cavs this postseason but for every word of English he speaks is equal to the amount of seconds J.R. gives a shit.

Out west, and I mean very west because he’s sitting on the last seat on the bench, Toney Douglas (3-point king) is molding into his new role for the Pelicans.

Shake and Bake, oh what a move that was, or maybe what a move by Jamal Crawford to escape from New York and his now succeeding on a successful team out in L.A. Although no longer in lob city, Matt Barnes, one time Knick, played key minutes for LA.

The best thing that has happened to New York since the Knicks drafted Ronaldo Balkan is out in Dallas. Yup, the munchkin himself Raymond Felton is collecting his salary from Mark Cuban. Alongside the basketball playing Umpa Lumpa Standing tired and talentless Amar’e Stoudemire. However there is a key ex Knick out in Dallas— former defensive player of the year Tyson Chandler who is finally healthy and productive.

The 90-Year-old Pablo Prigioni is using his walker in Houston alongside the much younger ex-Knick Trevor Ariza, who is still on his quest to play for every team in the Association

NBA Champion David Lee has finally won his ring this year. I may be living in the past but I want Chris Duhon to pass it to Lee just one more time.

Quite possibly the biggest success story is out in Memphis. Zach Randolph, the only player you could possibly consider a centerpiece out of all of the ex-Knicks. His partner in crime Beno Undrih has only seen greener pastures since leaving the Big Apple.

The Spurs, Trailblazers, Celtics and Atlanta were the only playoff teams without an ex-Knick on the roster. The true equation for success.

Hey, Phil should bring 14 of the 20 back. That’s true playoff experience. Oh what could’ve been.


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