The 2015 Mets Are the Most Mets Team of All-Time

The New York Mets have won four games in a row. As I typed that sentence I couldn’t help but laugh and think to myself, “This team just will not go away.” One would think that a four game winning streak following a seven game losing streak is a sign of a turnaround. A signal that the team can handle adversity, overcome it and thrive in its aftermath. And, you know, that very well could be what is going on here with the Mets. But I’m just really, really skeptical.
Since starting off the season 13-3 and going on that tease of an 11 game win streak, the Amazins have gone 27-34. It has been a rollercoaster of a season so far to say the least and, despite everything, the Mets currently sit 2.5 games out of first place in the NL East. All of this has led me to believe that the 2015 Mets are the most Mets team in the history of the Mets.
Just think about it. The team comes into this season with playoff aspirations, takes a series from a stacked Nationals team right out of the gate and then drops two of three from the fresh off a fire-sale Braves. The Mets then go on an 11 game win streak, but lose their captain and best player David Wright to injury (who is still out) in the process. The team then goes on a 27-34 stretch, which included a seven game losing streak followed by a four game winning streak and sent Travis d’Arnaud (twice) and Daniel Murphy to the DL in the process. Oh and our Gold Glove center fielder is playing through an elbow injury and our one offseason acquisition (Michael Cuddyer) has, pardon my French, played like a steaming pile of horse shit. Have you ever seen a stretch of play that varied, inconsistent and injury riddled? I definitely haven’t. However, this team just continues to stay relevant and keep you interested, yesterday’s game(s) being the perfect example of this.
If you were around to watch the Mets play yesterday, you were treated with almost two games worth of baseball. The Mets finished up Saturday’s rain shortened game, starting in the 7th inning and finishing in the 13th, after Lucas Duda won the game with a failed fielders choice to home plate. Then the real show began. Steven Matz, the highly touted pitching prospect that has been dominating AAA ball all season long, was finally called up. And boy did he live up to the hype.
Watching Matz was like something out of a movie. The 24-year-old southpaw started out his major league career by throwing the ball to the backstop, followed by letting up a leadoff homerun to Brandon Phillips four pitches later. After a rocky start, Matz settled down and retired the rest of the batters the next two innings. In the bottom of the second with the young lefty at the plate, Matz sent a ball to deep center for two-run double. It didn’t end there though. Matz singled in the bottom of the fifth and hit a two-run single in the bottom of the sixth. You almost forget that he’s still a pitcher who threw 7.2 innings while giving up five hits, two runs, three walks and six K’s. What. A. Debut. Its almost like the Mets’ pitchers are hitting better than our batters this season…Oh wait that’s exactly what it is.
One of the story lines coming into the game was that Matz, originally from Long Island, grew up a Mets fan and was finally living his dream and pitching for his favorite big league team. I get chills just thinking about what he must’ve felt after the game. Can you imagine putting on a show like that in your MLB debut for the team you grew up rooting for? Unreal.
So, last night was just another example of how up and down team this team is. Some days the team hits. Most days they don’t. And almost every day it pitches well. That’s what the 2015 Mets are right now and we’re all going to have to deal with it until Sandy Alderson grows some balls and trades for a veteran bat that can turn this fringe playoff team into a possible contender. Yes, I said contender. With this pitching, any team has the ability to be a contender. Its all going to depend on what Sandy does from now to the All-Star break to improve the lineup, and knowing these Mets, it’s going to be hell of a ride till then.


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