Major League Drugs

Athletes around the world are on display for millions of people to see every day and are viewed as role models and even heroes to some. However the fact of the matter is that they are still people just like any of us and need outlets from the stresses of everyday life, like recreational drug use. There is already so much speculation about drug use in professional sports. People all over the world have their opinions and many believe that these professional athletes are using drugs outside of the public eye.

What athletes specifically am I referring to? Just about any athlete. I know what you’re thinking; recreational drug use only pertains to leagues like the NFL and the NBA. Yes, there have been numerous drug busts, arrests and rehab check-ins in both of these leagues, but it doesn’t take much research to find drug use in other sports. As a matter of fact, it only takes a few words typed into google: Drug use in (insert sport here). There are numerous accounts across the board of pro athletes using illegal drugs, from pro golfer Dustin Johnson and Josh Hamilton of the MLB to Sam Hurd of the NFL and Gilbert Arenas of the NBA. And these four examples barely scrape the surface of the actual number of athletes using drugs.

So why not regulate it and make it open to the public?  I propose a world in which athletes are allowed to use one drug of choice throughout their careers. This drug of choice will be worked into an athlete’s contract and that player will be regularly tested to see that only that drug, or nothing, shows up. With regards to the type of drug, an athlete can pretty much choose any drug as long as it isn’t performance enhancing. Then, like any other job, as long as the athlete isn’t getting high while at work then there should be no problem.

This brings about the question: what drugs will athletes choose?

Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks would most definitely choose POT! Melo’s style of play is very smooth and he is extremely relaxed on the court while seemingly not giving a fuck about defense. There will finally be a legitimate excuse for the lack of defensive effort and that excuse is POT!

Josh Hamilton and Chris Anderson (aka the Birdman) are going to have a field day with this policy, but also an extremely hard time choosing just one drug, as they are both “jacks of all drugs”.

Sam Hurd, widely known among his peers as both a marijuana and cocaine connoisseur, will probably have to flip a coin to choose between the two. (When this policy is finally implemented, Hurd will have plenty of time to flip a coin in prison).

On a more serious note, I believe this allowance of one illegal substance per player would help solve the problem of drugs in sports. Many athletes right now are using drugs and are able to hide from the public eye beneath a cloud of speculation. However, with this information available to the public there will be nowhere to hide. An athlete will either have to face the shame that comes with being held to a higher standard and using drugs, or just stop doing the drugs. I believe many athletes will choose the latter. Half the fun of doing drugs is knowing that you’re doing something illegal. Overall, this rule change will help clean up the reputations of various sports.